We’re a multidisciplinary studio made up of British photographer Oliver Grabowski and Canadian media artist Karen Correia da Silva ___________________

_____________ We produce artist books, prints, video art, objects, installations, and international pop-up galleries.

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Very Tender
V22 Collection Studios,
5 Crown Close, Hackney Wick,  London, E3 2JH

While we prepare our 2018-19 art publishing season and re-stock our shop, you can keep in touch via  hello [at] verytender.org.


We’re a multidisciplinary art studio based in V22 Studios Hackney, East London.

Very Tender is the collaborative output of British photographer Oliver Grabowski and Canadian media artist Karen Correia da Silva.

Working across and between media, we produce multi- and transdisciplinary works spanning bookmaking, printmaking, photography and assemblage art. We strive to articulate the in-between by creating works and collaborations that play across the boundaries between disciplines and forms.

Karen Correia da Silva is a Portuguese-Canadian media artist and publisher. Her artistic practice straddles the boundaries between media, manifesting in artist books, films, performances, and zine-making. She holds a PhD in media poetics and, as her primary practice, her transdisciplinary aesthetic emerges from her preoccupation with text and book-making. Before moving to London, Karen formerly worked as the founding Director of the Steel Bananas Art Collective (2008-2018) in Toronto, where she ran the collective’s art publishing activities. She is the author of numerous artist books, and work has been featured/ published/ exhibited in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York, Vienna, and London.

Oliver Grabowski is a British photographer and musician. With a specialisation in headshots and portraits, capturing genuine expression and meaning in human emotion drives his artistic practice. Preoccupied with the aesthetics of memories and dreams, Oliver’s work seeks to capture the moments and subtleties between thinking and feeling. His works span musical performance, photography and videography, photographic printmaking, and book projects. He has performed and produced work across the UK and Europe.